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Our carers

Who can become a caretaker in the Children’s Village?

A role of caretaker in the Children’s Village can be performed by single women and marriages. Apart from physical and psychical predispositions, a person willing to become responsible for a home and a child care must meet formal requirements. People, who can take care of children in the Children’s Village shall be essentially from 30 to 40 years old.  Candidates shall posses: higher pedagogical education (in case of marriages – at least one person), or declare will to complete their education, a document certifying completion of a course for foster parents and  shall pass a course organized during training at „Closer to Human” Foundation. It is obvious that future caretakers have to be ready for changing their place of residence and moving to the Children’s Village in Rajsko for good (this doesn’t mean that they have to resign their own flats or houses).   
Future foster parents have to be mature and convinced  to their choice. They will face a challenge of creating a home for those who have lost it for different reasons.

What are the main tasks of a carerer?

Just to be a parent.  Is it such a hard work? Of course,  many of us don’t appreciate enormity of work that parent puts in bringing up his children. It is consoling however, that each of us possesses natural parental predispositions. People taking up a job at Children’s Village will be responsible for upbringing and looking after 6-8 children until the moment of their independence (minimally to the age of 18). Additional duties do not differ from everyday work of typical parent: keeping a house, looking after children,  taking care of their proper development, contact with school, and visiting a doctor, if necessary. A parent will be responsible for shaping patterns,  developmental stimulation, shaping a character, emotional development. Children have to gain many skills, that will allow them for starting an own family in the future. It is important to transfer all possible values that will make it easier for children to enter the world of adults. Not forgetting that from the moment of starting a new life together, a home becomes family’s mainstay. Working on cordial atmosphere, one shall mind emotional and social bonds.  We make every effort, so that the Village family model could be possibly close to normal family.

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