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Individual donators

In order to support financially the families of Children’s Village in Rajsko, you may choose a method of donation convenient for you:

1.Direct debit. Direct debit can be ordered at bank agency or via Internet service of your account. In case of direct debit, you can always change the amount of transferred means, or definitely resign. All formalities are settled between you and your bank.  You are kindly asked to inform the „Closer to Human” Foundation  about decision upon setting direct debit. This will help us to plan expenditures for next months.

2. Payroll. Payroll is a declaration of company’s employees upon regular (e.g. monthly) donation for the „Closer to Human” Foundation consisting of a part of their Incomes ( pension ends, constant sum, constant percentage). Interested employees declare in writing readiness for transferring monthly a chosen part of their pension to our account.  Accounting Department/ Staff department takes account of employees’ decision during preparation of a pay list, deducting the declared sum from incomes and transferring it directly to the foundation in a form of intentional donation. Declaration can be called off at any time, and the rate of donation can be changed as well as its destination. Private donations (of physical people) for Public Benefit Organization are subject to deductions from taxable base to the minimal rate of 6% of incomes. Please contact us in case you are interested in such method of support.  

3.Transfer. Similarly to direct debit, a transfer can be done at bank agency or by using Internet service of your account. Any sum can be donated via transfer. There’s no minimal sum and every 1 zloty contributes to improvement of our wards’ life. All formalities are settled between you and your bank.  

4.Postal money order. In order to transfer your donation , all you have to do is to fill a postal money order and  carry it to the nearest  post office. Once you make a transfer or donation through postal money order, the money sent by you will come to us within a few days.  Below you will find account number, where you can transfer a donation.

5.Building materials. Donating building materials, you help us in restoration and thermal insulation of residential buildings, and support development of Village in Rajsko. Thanks to such help our houses will become a family home for another group of children.

Raiffeisen Polbank in Oswiecim
IBAN: PL15 1750 0012 0000 0000 2188 1384

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