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About the Foundation

Who are we?

We are a non-governmental institution in the service of children, naturally and socially orphaned.  The Foundation takes care about all things necessary for proper development of a little human, providing him with a roof over head, warm meal , home atmosphere and a caring and devoted guardian, with whom he creates a new family. With our  help and work, children have a chance to  recover a happy childhood.

For what and for who?

"We would like all the children to feel loved and be able to love others”
The "Closer to Human" Foundation realizes its activities in order to provide as much children as possible with a better start into adult life. By creating a loving family for them, we would like to bring back the faith in adults, faith in a better world, and faith in happy childhood, that every child deserves.

What do we do?

The main activity of „Closer to Human” Foundation is to care of the Janusz Korczak Children’s Village in Rajsko. The charity foundation supports village through acquisitioning funds (fundraising) for its functioning. It takes care about small residents by organising charity festivals, garden parties and collecting money.
The foundation employs staff who carry on and supervise children’s village activity.
The “Closer to Human” Foundation cooperates with public and non-public organizations from Oświęcim  county, Poland and abroad.

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