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Another Friend of our Foundation and the Children’s Village is no longer with us. On 22 August 2010 we planned to thank God for 80th birthday of Georg Sschreg – the German benefactor, Friend, and Co-Founder of our Children’s Village in Rajsk. It was his dream – to celebrate with our children, co-workers, the Parish Priest, the Members of the Farmers’ Wives Association from Rajsko,  friendly fire-fighters, and with many other friends from Rajsko and Oświęcim. Unfortunately, God’s will was different: our friend Georg Schreg departed from this world. On the 22 August, in the Church dedicate to the Blessed Trinity in Rajsko, we prayed to God for the eternal rest in the Land of life for the late Georg Schreg, the late Sister Jolenta Mier, the late Bernd Gössner, the late Hans Preuss, the late Prof. Werner Rynski, the late Canon Stanisław Górny, and the late Friends of the Village of Rajsko.

Each day, at 7.00 a.m. at Jasna Góra (Częstochowska Mother of God Chapel) the holy mass is celebrated for all late benefactors. Eternal rest grant onto them, Oh Lord…


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