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Cisterna di Latina is a town in Italy where we were spending our holiday. At the invitation of Cisterna di Latina’s authorities, especially Mauro Carturan – the Mayor and Chairperson of the City Council – children from the J. Korczak Children’s Villages in Rajsk were spending holiday in Italy. From 15 to 25 July Children were trying all the prepared attractions. They have spend some time at the Tyrhennian Sea (Lido de Foce Verde), explored the National Park of Cireco, made the voyage on the Sabaudia Lake, travelled to the picturesque mountain town Cori, gone sightsing to Rome, and visited the grave of John Paul II. Moreover, they have visited a water park called Miami Beach, the Nymph’s garden, and Latina. We would like to thank all our friends who made this possible!!! We present few photos.


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