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Foundation "Closer to Human" is a non-publicorganization established in 1990. Main goal of our activity is to help orphaned children who have lost a possibility to be brought up in natural family for different reasons. Therefore, in orderto take care ofchildren,naturally or socially orphaned, we created Children?s Village, named in honorof a great person and educator ? JanuszKorczak.

The Janusz Korczak Children?s Village is a non-public, educational care facility. What makes it different from many other facilities is an incredible family atmosphere. Residents of the Village in Rajsko are like one big family. However they spend their everyday life at single-family homes, where they create smaller families.
Children are brought up in conditions close to natural.Responsibility for each home belongs to a carer (single woman) or carers (marriage).
A whole educational and caring process is supervised by qualified staff. It gives us guarantee that our decisions are well-considered and our advises - accurate.

And it is all in order to, "
make every child feel loved and be able to love others".


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